Monday, April 23, 2012

W1D3 C25K

I am starting to feel that something is against me in this C25K training. Today again was a struggled success, my timer app removed itself from my phone, but luckily I had more than one kind downloaded to try a few, so I just programed a different one. I didnt like this one nearly as much you really had to pay attention to the clicking & I couldnt listed to music over it. Oh well. The crazy Florida weather and decided to play a trick on those of us who were getting use to the warm weather, it was around 55-60F out and super windy, not real ideal for the cold I am now battling. All complaining aside though, my lungs didnt completely fail me today, they made it a little harder than normal but over all I finished my week 1, day 3! On to week 2 if this cold subsides or at least doesnt get any worse.


  1. good for you! i've had some of my best runs in cold crappy weather (though that's michigan weather :)

    1. Brrr. Thank you, it did feel like a really good run :)