Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Running Backwards W2D1 C25K

I am coming to terms with understanding that this couch to 5K journey is going to be an eventful one. :) Today I had everything ready to go, I fixed my favored timer app, had my music set, I’ve been really pampering my shin splints, I’ve been doing everything I can to push past my cold & the weather was beautiful, I was headed out for my first day of week 2, looking forward to the challenge. Challenge is what I got; I didn’t realize I programmed a 3 minute warm up timer until I was 2.5 minutes into running it & thinking “this 90 seconds is killing me!” No big deal right, I would just adapt & walk the remaining 30 seconds then walk the upcoming 90 second jogging cycle then jog the walking cycle since this week was 90 sec jog/90 sec walk. Wrong. This week was 90 sec jog followed by a 2 minute recouping walk. I kept wondering why my timer wasn’t matching up with my watch & why 90 seconds seemed to be so much harder than 60 seconds, which I jogged fairly easy last week. I pushed hard and did my best to stay on track with the training schedule though. Then it all dawned on me to verify the times. So the last 2 cycles of jogging I got everything back on track with the correct plan & finished up.
I have to say I am proud of myself though for doing my best & really pushing hard to complete today’s backwards training. I am hoping that day 2 of week 2 done properly will be easy breezy compared to today. I am also proud of myself today because it is Secretary’s Day and my boss and a co-worker got me a cup full of candies (that will probably go to Landen) and offered to take me to lunch if I wanted as well, I declined because I would rather continue spending my lunch break exercising. I didn’t take the easy way out or a day off to go eat, I made the healthy, dedicated decision & he fully understood. I may have a little glass of wine to celebrate myself tonight though. I think I deserve it today.

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  1. I'm with you, 90 seconds can seem WAY longer than 60 when you are running. When I run intervals and I switched it up to that I almost died... lol