My current goals are:
  • Train to RUN a full 5K. I would like to run it in 30 minutes but just running the whole 3.1 miles would feel great.
  • Participate in the July 4th Celebration 5K.
  • Participate in the FL.ROC Mud Run in August 2012, this is to work more on accomplishing the obstacles and being strong.
  • Be under 184 pounds. This was the weight I was when I got married.
  • Lose 50 pounds.
More to come...
  • My final weight goal is not so much a number but when I got to where I look in the mirror & love what I see. I was 150-160 in high school & looking back I looked pretty darn good, but having a baby may have changed a few things & I didnt have much muscle, so I am working for a goal of 150 pounds right now & will go from there.

Goals I have accomplished:
  • Be under 196 pounds. This was my most current low weight in December 2009 after fighting to lose weight during a deployment and having my son. - 3/27/12
  • Break my plateau at 197-199 pounds. - 4/23/12
  • Break under 200 pounds. - 3/27/12
  • Lose 20 pounds by Landen's birthday. - 2/22/12
  • Adopted a healthy life style and an about 80/20 ratio of clean eating.