About Me

My Family

Hi my name is Amanda & I live amongst boys - my husband, my son (age 2), even my pup, I’m outnumbered.  When I’m not running after my boy or trying to get a few quality minutes in with the hubs, I enjoy crafting, thrift stores, couponing, refashioning, and just anything creative. I get a lot of my inspiration from other bloggers.

They Boy

I grew up in a small town in Florida, now living in Jacksonville. My husband is in the military and I wear my military wife badge with great honor. My son came along in 2009 and has brightened our lives ever since. I come from a large family, through mixed marriages I am one of 10, 7 brothers and 2 sisters.

The Pup

I use to have a blog, but lost track of it and I miss it. Here’s to a fresh start. I would love to share the creative things going on in my life with you. Thanks for stopping by & don’t hesitate to bring friends next time.