Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New workout routine

I have been fighting for the past 9 months to 1) find motivation to move forward in my weight loss journey & 2) to lose weight. So back in September/October 2012 time frame I decided to get set up with the trainer at the gym on base so I could get a more focused routine and plan. It seems like ever since I did that I fit problem after problem trying to get in the way of staying on track. But over all I finished the first 6 weeks of his program of daily weight training and 40 minutes of endurance cardio. I of course didn’t lose a pound but I did improve my flexibility a bit, increased my strength some and best of all went from a VO2 pathetic score to being VO2 elite. (VO2 a measure of your cardiorespiratory fitness level) So not all was lost, some things were moving forward, and now I ran about a 5K daily, took on the stair master and could start to see some muscle definition.
With the first 6 weeks done, it was time to switch weight training up and push harder in cardio. Time to move forward – insert here: more shin splints, hip pain and weakness, physical therapy for hip, family visiting, the holidays, and 2 allergic reactions. Working out and losing weight was a mini rollercoaster, up a few pounds then back down to my plateau weight, up a few, down a few, and return to my plateau weight. Im so tired of feeling like this battle is never going to be over. I have to change something to move forward.
My sister-in-law with the start of her weight loss journey has inspired me to hop back on the wagon, but this time I am trying something different, I am going back to the basic with my cardio and pushing myself more in strength training. Back in the beginning of 2012 I lost 34 pounds and have at least managed to keep it off and at that time I was learning to run. So, run a little, walk a lot, trying to improve my time and distance for a July 5K. I never kept track of my heart rate then, even though I was encouraged to, things were going good. Therefore, I am slowing down and paying attention to my heart rate with a new routine.
The new plan:
Keep my heart rate at about 70% for a 2 mile, 30 minute walk, checking my heart rate at about every half mile.
I have also compiled a strength training routine for the week too, my goal here is to improve each week on either the count, time, or modification (doing straight leg arm dips, straight leg push-ups, adding weights, etc.)
Monday – Arm dips, push-ups, bicycle crunches, plank, jack knife crunches
Tuesday – Jump squats, lunges, calf raises, bridge side crunches
Wednesday – Superman, Russian twist, inclined push-up, mountain climbers
Thursday – Glute kickbacks, inner thigh raise, side leg raise w/ half circle, pile squats, side plank
Friday – Wall sit, plank, burpees, squats, push-ups
As far as my eating I am following weight watchers.
Here’s to moving forward.


Last 9 months in shorts

Well is has been some time so here is the last 9 months in shorts.

Jul 2012

Steven & I celebrated our 6th anniversary

Aug 2012

Steven & I finished our first 5K Mud Run, Fl ROC. So much fun!!!!

Oct 2012
Landen really enjoyed trick-or-treating this year. By the end he was more interested in finding out if homes had dogs more than candy.

 Nov 2012

Campouts in the living room with Grandma & the Buddies visiting

Dec 2012 - Busy Month
Eli the Elf came to visit. Our mission was the teach him about Jesus' love and grace. Boy, did he sure get into a lot of trouble. There were a few nice nights when he left treats for Landen.

Family Vaction to Sea World and a citrus farm with a monster bus tour. Very neat.

Picking oranges and limes.

G Papa went home to be with Jesus.

Eli continues to get into mischief

Eli gave Landen a great good-bye hug when Santa visited & picked up Eli to return home to the N. Pole.

Landen got his first gun from his Grandma and Grandpa Smith.

Jan 2013 - Happy New Year
We went to the circus and got back into the swing of things.

Feb 2013 - The boys went to the Monster Jam Show & Steven was baptized!
Landen tried out t-ball. It wasnt for him, so we finished that quickly.

Mar 2013
That crazy mischief making leprechaun visited. Maybe next year we will plot to catch him.

We visited the Easter Bunny

We colored eggs.

We had a great time visiting family at the GA farm.
Easter Sunday Landen was most impressed on how big the stone infront of Jesus' tomb was and that he wasnt still there. It is so neat to see Landen learn about our Lord. While we were at church the Easter bunny stopped by Nanny & Papa's & left bunny prints all over, a hello message for Landen and hid some eggs.

Other tidbits -
*We have been praying hard for God to take care of Landen in his schooling since the school in our zone is one of the worst in Duval, and we are up for orders. We feel like God has told us homeschooling Landen is the route to take. The idea has been so exciting and we have already started having fun with more learning focused play times. He is picking the letters he didnt know, learning to write his name, learning about butterflies and counting higher.
*We are still praying for God's will in getting our orders, we will go happily were He sends us. We are hoping for San Diego though, because of a wonderful new job opportunity. We are hoping to find something out at the end of the month.
*I am trying something new with my workouts and weight loss. More on that in the next post.
*We are starting to plan Landen's 4th! I know 4th birthday. We are thinking it is going to be a messy event.