Wednesday, April 18, 2012

W1D1 C25K

First day of my couch to 5K training was good, I don’t feel like it was overly hard & it was right with where I am with running. I had a few malfunctions with the app I was planning to use to train but I worked best I could around it & didn’t let it stop me. I did 1.5 miles in just under 30 minutes, so I think that is pretty good to start out with. I didn’t feel right just stopping with my 30 minutes of cardio so I of course had to get some strength training in there, so I put some extra effort into my core. I did a variation of 150 crunches and then a 45 second plank, which is my best time yet! Yea! I have been topping out around 30-35 seconds with it & would love to work my way up to a minute, so here’s to move on up.  I also decided to just use an interval HIIT timer which I preprogrammed and tested, so I should be set to rock & roll tomorrow.

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