Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Arms are Noodles

Today was my strength training day. I look forward to these the most, it is easy to see my progress when I can do more reps or a new harder exercise, or for the old ones to get easier. Push-up are one of my favorite pushing and bragging points, when I started and as far back as I could remember I could never do  even one modified (on my knees) push-up. I am now working on doing regular (on my feet) push-up, and today I did 5, and then did another 20 modified push-ups. Planks are another huge pushing point, I have been doing planks for 30 seconds on my forearms and today I cranked out 45 seconds in full push-up position!!!! I’m darn proud of myself today! I tried not to over work my legs since I am pushing myself on the Couch to 5K and running is hard for me, but boy, do my arms feel like noodles. Feeling good.

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