Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My goals for the remainder of the year

My goals for the remainder of the year:
1.       This year will be a homemade Christmas, for (adult & young children) extended family. We are planning on doing homemade jar items from our garden (or the local farmers market) and craft items. I am hoping to have these done by November so we can eliminate as much stress as possible. I have already started working on this. For everyone who fits into the middle of the adult & young children category we do and Angel Tree donation in their honor.

2.       Make and hang a wreath for fall & winter. Though other blogs I have seen some very cute & creative ones, I’d love to give this a shot.

3.       Finish my son’s room. A few months ago, I started changing the theme from his nursery beachy theme to an on the go these, with trucks, cars, plains and anything that goes. I still have unpainted walls, unhung shelves and décor & it just looks plainly unfinished. I need to get on the move before he has another big interest.  

4.      Finish my bedroom, it is not far off from being done, but we added a new piece of furniture that doesn’t match & I am not quite sure what color I want it, and if I want to keep the rest of the furniture in the room the color it is. Might do a little revamping.

My Room - Bench by the window is new & unfinsihed

5.       I need to finish my dining room and living room; we pulled the new piece of furniture for my bedroom from the dining room, so I need some kind of additional seating. I also took a look around these rooms (as they are practically one) and realized that they are all brown and black. There is not color in them. It kind of looks like a batcher or a handsy toddle lives here. So I am on a mission to add more color, with toddler endurable items.

The blanket I made for my living room - my color inspriation

These are some of the things I will be keeping my blog up to date with
***family disclaimer – while I do not plan on disclosing who each handmade Christmas gift is intended for, if you are a savvy guesser & like surprises you may want to avoid these posts***

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