Thursday, July 21, 2011

Homemade Christmas – A Goal in Mind

I have quite the family, so keeping a list and a goal will help me keep the prize in mind. I am planning on giving individual gifts for grandparents, parents & young children in my family this year & then an Angel Tree Donation for the older teen children in between. Here is my list and a few ideas to guide my way:
The Boy’s Greats:
1.       Grandpa Doyle – Jared and pickled goods
2.       Grand-Nita - ?
3.       G NaNee - ?
The Boy’s Grands:
4.       Papa – Jared and pickled goods
5.       NaNee - ?
6.       Grandma – Wine Glass
7.       Nana - Crocheted throw blanket to match her living room
8.       Grandpa – Jared and pickled goods
The Youngin’s:
9.       Uncle C (age 6) - ?
10.   Uncle A (age 5) - ?
11.   Male Cousin A (age 7) - ?
12.   Female Cousin A (age 6mo) – I really am surrounded by males, so I plan on sending her something very girly.
13.   The Boy – Crocheted hound dog pillow
I am still waiting for a few ideas to find me, I am keeping me eyes peeled & my mind open.

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