Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Freshening up for Fall

I am beyond ready for Autumn to arrive, I know it’s only July & here in Florida we wait a little longer for the chilly days, but I am counting down the days until I can send the hubby into the attic for all the fall décor. In the meantime I am freshening up the house for fall, there have been quite a few changes already. The hubs and I noticed that our house was lacking in color and personality, so I set out for some color for our living room. Since the boy started pulling up, walking and now running, climbing, throwing, and destroying, we put up all the breakable décor we had before children. I have enjoyed having my house pretty well baby safe and allowing the boy to run and explore as he saw fit without having to always tell him ‘no, don’t touch that’ or loom over him so he doesn’t break, misplace or eat something. The living room seems to feel right now like a work in progress, but that is nothing new in our house.
                                                  Material table cover not finished

New Simple Pillows Covers (Tutorial to come)

Scented Fake Lite Candle + Safe for The Boy = Happy Mommy
We have also moved some furniture around, got rid of some and build some new stuff. In the master bedroom, we cleaned it up and have tried to commit to not to let it become the catch all (for clothes, outdated toys, projects, etc.) this has left it feeling open, relaxing and more of a retreat than a utility room. I didn’t have to do much decorating and changing in this room as it is the most updated in our house. Last deployment (a year and a half ago) I decided as a nice coming home surprise for the hubs would be a newly decorated room. I added picture frames (yes, picture frames, not pictures. It took that entire year and a half to finally replace the couple’s picture that came with the frame with our family’s photos) to the wall, a new head board, new furniture, some wall accents and new bedding. It still felt a little not done though. About a month ago we changed the bedside lighting, added a window bench that looks great (by accident), and another floral arrangement. We still need to add a runner in front of the bed, but overall it looks done.

Notice the frames on the wall of the nice model couple in them.

Our Family Pictures
Bench by the window soon to be move to dinning room & replaced

We haven’t done much to our dining room; it is still just a lot of brown and black. I do plan to bring the window bench that we stored in the master bedroom (that looked great, by accident) back out and paint it to match the rest of the brown and have the hubs make me a hallway table for added decorations. I think some accent pillows on the bench will round it all out. Pillows seem to be such an easy way to dress something up a tad and make it feel a little more welcoming.

These shelfs and the little red tricycle is the extent of color for the dinning room.

The kitchen has had the biggest change so far. We spent the weekend building a bench for the bay window, a kitchen table and an island. They are built in full but not painted or finished; hopes to get that completed this week are high. We are planning on adding cushions and pillows to the bench, a couple end chairs and maybe a stand-alone bench for added seating. We do a lot of large family dinners and it is going to be so nice to be able to have the added table space.

Old Kitchen Furniture
The Boy's attemp to help & Mommy's to keep him busy  (notice coloring)
Waiting patiently for his turn

Window bench build & now to paint

New Kitchen Table (built but not finished painting)
The boy’s room is the last room that seems to be a work in progress; his walls are half decorated and impersonalized. I keep moving his furniture around hoping something will speak to be and lead me in the direction I want to go. Pictures to be added soon, he was sleeping when I was snapping pictures.

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  1. oh my gosh, that window bench will be fabulous! i am super jealous, i've always wanted on. like you, i'm trying to debrown my living room with blue accents. and i am always, always ready for fall!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am thrilled to be featured...thanks so much! I think your house looks really nice. I feel like mine is always a work in progress also. :) Have a great day. By the way, I am a new follower.

  3. Great stuff! I live in Florida too and agree that others love summer and I do love it but hate it because it's too dang hot. Thank you for linking up at Sew Woodsy last week. Hope you'll join us again tomorrow!