Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Update & Goals

It’s been about 8 weeks, a lot has happened but all is well in the Smith house. Landen of course is growing and developing by leaps and bounds, his speaking has become a lot clearer, he never seems to stop ‘practicing’; even in his sleep he talks. He is fun to listen to, most of the time, and is starting to tell stories and recount events well. His imagination is another thing that is starting to develop greatly, we seem to have monsters and crazy monkeys under each bed and the couch, mostly blue ones.
Landen this past Monday, June 25, moved up to the preschool (a.k.a. big boy) class at school, he is enjoying the computers, big bikes, and the lego table. In just a short week I have already noticed a difference in his speech, his counting – he can now faithfully count to 4, and jumbled up to 20, he can sing a good bit of his ABCs and has already pointed out the letter ‘S’. He is really enjoying the new class, activities and skills.
I have had an up and down past 3 months as far as weight goes, I have managed to lose about 5-8 pounds depending on the day. But I did another Bod Pod evaluation and I did drop my body fat % by 2.8% & the amount of fat weight by 7.9 lbs and gain 2.5 lbs of muscle, so overall not a loss of three months. So I am going to pull up some motivation from somewhere and get on track again to get on with losing weight more steadily again.
As far as running and my couch to 5K, I was majorly slowed down by some pretty painful shin splints and calve strain, but I started using the elliptical most days and weight training to strengthen my leg muscles. It has been working so far. I still can’t run a steady 5K, I still do lots of starting and stopping but I can complete the 3.1 miles in about 36-40 minutes. I can’t complain about that, being that when I started about 10 weeks ago I couldn’t run one minute straight and one mile took me about 20-25 minutes. I did complete the July 4th Celebration 5K in 38:07, and finished 371 in a race of 540 & 37th in my class of 54. I’m not unimpressed.  My dad ran with me as well which was incredibly special and my mom, the Hubs and the Boy waited for us anxiously at the finish line. They said the Boy kept telling everyone around him “My mommy’s running”. So special!

Now that the 5K run in done, the Hubs and I are starting to train for the Fl Roc Mud Run. This will be my goal of strength, I will be working a lot on my growing my muscles and upper body strength. I want to be able to hold my own.

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