Monday, August 1, 2011

Handmade (Mantic) Monday #2

I saw this amazing doily rug over at Someday Crafts and had to find out how it was made. I did a little digging and came across a few instructions on how to finger crochet. It is just how it sounds, you use your finger (whichever one is comfortable) as your hook and start stitching away. It was hard to find pictured instructions on how to do this, but there were a few videos to help me out like this one and this one. It would give the same effect as using a very large crochet hook, a fluffy and loose look. I am going to give a few stitches a try tonight to give a go at something new.

Photo courteous of Knitting and Crocheting Guide  
Side note: It has been one of those technical difficulties, frustrating Mondays, therefore, will be no linky party today. I will pick it back up next Monday with my Homemade Christmas edition.  

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